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harry is really quirky and cute funny n dumb sometimes


and heres a masterpost about all of those times

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"Styles is the superstar of the group and gets more cheers than anyone else (Horan, who schlepped his guitar around most of the show and was the only member to play an instrument all night, was second), and he had a few choice moments on Saturday. He singled out one audience member who was trying to get his attention with something she was holding and asked her “what is that?” and as she was attempting to explain it he told her, “it doesn’t matter.” He then picked up a bag of cotton candy that someone in the audience tossed at him and he looked at it puzzled and gave a droll “wow,” then serenaded a fan with a rendition of “Happy Birthday.” “There are two main reasons why we love Detroit: The first is Eminem, and the second is you,” he told the audience. Late in the show, during “Little White Lies,” he wiped the sweat from his face with a towel, identified a fan in the audience, kissed the towel and tossed it to her. It was a simple gesture, but the personal touch he gave it made all the difference."


Excerpt from a concert review by The Detroit News

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